[Eating egg white or egg yolk for weight loss]_Egg Yolk_Protein_Slimming

[Eating egg white or egg yolk for weight loss]_Egg Yolk_Protein_Slimming

Many people have eaten eggs, and they are rich in nutrients. Eggs have essential nutrients for the human body, so eating more eggs is also a way to supplement nutrition.

Of course, eating eggs is okay, but you must eat them right. Eating eggs during weight loss is worth paying attention to. Is eating egg whites or yolks while eating eggs during weight loss?


It is better to eat egg whites to lose weight and eat eggs, because egg whites have a higher protein content, are not easy to replenish calories, and are not easy to cause weight gain.

So, if you want to lose weight and get nutrition from eggs, eat more egg whites and less egg yolks!


Vitamin B12 in eggs can also break down trace cells, which is especially effective against abdominal aunts.

However, in order to avoid absorbing too much cholesterol, it is recommended to eat more protein and less egg yolk.

The degeneration of white-boiled eggs is also lower than that of scrambled and fried eggs.

58% of an egg is egg white, and what we call egg protein is basically in egg white.

Not only does egg yolk account for 31% of eggs, but it was previously mostly lipid.


Eating the egg yolks mentioned above will not be nourished and will be uncle in the future.

When eating egg white, the opposite is true. The protein contained in egg white is broken down into amino acids, which are absorbed by the robe and stimulate the secretion of glycogen.

Glycemic hormone has the function of promoting the liver to break down glycogen and release glucose.

Not only that, glycogen can also promote the breakdown of fecal cells and delay the consumption of glucose.