Confinement diet recipes what to eat during lactation


Confinement diet recipes what to eat during lactation


Pig hoof soup ingredients: 1 pig’s trotters, 10 grams of grass, 1500 ml of water, onions, salt, rice wine and other seasonings.

How to make: Put all the ingredients together, first boil them on high heat, boil them on low heat and boil 1?
2 hours until the pig’s trotters are soaked.

Edible method: After the soup is slightly cold, drink soup and eat meat once a day, even serving 3-5 days can be effective.

Efficacy: The trotters are rich in protein, feces, supplemented with blood circulation, and blood, while the grass is beneficial to water and through the milk function.


Wine stuffed egg-flower soup ingredients: 1 piece of wine, 1 egg production method: boil the wine and boil it, then into the egg, boil it into egg-shaped shape, you can take it hot.

Efficacy: Yiqi Shengjin, blood circulation to stop bleeding, promote lactation.


Shrimp rice porridge ingredients: 30 grams of shrimp, 100 grams of previous rice.

Production method: the former rice is added with water porridge as usual, and when the porridge is cooked to half-cooked, the washed shrimp is added, and the rice soup can be eaten when thick.

Efficacy: porridge is rich in nutrients, containing protein, trace, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, Chinese medicine believes that this porridge kidney and impotence, Yijingtong milk, postpartum lactation milk secretion should be often eaten.