Fuyangsheng should be cleaned up


Fuyangsheng should be cleaned up

“It’s too hot, I have no appetite.

“The sleep is not good at night, and there is no spirit all day long.”

“I am dry and upset, is it getting angry?”

“The season has entered the beginning of the day, more and more friends continue to be hot, how should the long summer spend?

Long Shunzhen recommends several summer supplements to help you stay healthy in summer.

銆€銆€American ginseng – improve immunity and relieve fatigue In this hot sun, the weather is sultry, people are living and working in a high temperature environment, loss of appetite, lack of sleep, fatigue, dry mouth, strong heart, immunityA series of phenomena such as decline have emerged.

According to “Materia Medica from the New”, American ginseng can “replenish lungs and reduce fire, and produce fluids, except for tiredness, and it is suitable for people with fire.”

Modern science shows that American ginseng is rich in trace elements, binary and amino acids, which can improve human immunity.

In addition, American ginseng has obvious anti-hypoxia effect, promotes protein synthesis, eliminates fatigue, and regulates metabolism. This is also the material basis for restoring mental and physical strength.

Some friends think that the summer dress will be on fire, but it is not.

American ginseng, some ginseng, it is a kind of “cool” ginseng, its bitter taste, slightly sweet, cool, with nourishing yin and qi, Shengjinzhike, in addition to irritability, clear fire, righteousness, anti-fatigue effect, American ginseng is especially suitableTake it in the summer, suitable for all ages.

In summer, American ginseng can improve immunity and relieve fatigue, helping you to spend summer easily.

銆€銆€Protein powder – high-quality protein balanced nutrition after the weather is sultry, causing a large amount of human sweat discharge, resulting in a lot of nutrients in the body, especially high-quality protein loss, therefore, should pay attention to high-quality protein intake in summer.

In summer, the human body is prone to “bitter summer” phenomenon, and high-quality protein will naturally be excessively insufficient.

Longshun 姒?protein powder is divided into imported whey protein, soy protein isolate, lecithin, taurine, calcium, etc., to supplement the body with high-quality protein.

Whey protein contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids, has high nutritional value, is easy to digest and absorb, and contains many active ingredients. Soy protein has high protein nutritional value and no impurities; taurine can improve human body.Visual function; calcium can strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.

Longshunyu protein powder is strictly controlled by the production management mode of the drug. It is produced in the purified GMP workshop according to EU standards. It is a high-quality protein powder with natural, sugar-free, low-fat and low-cholesterol.

Longshun 姒?protein powder can provide high-quality protein to the body during the summer, providing balanced nutrition.

銆€銆€Honeysuckle – heat and heat detoxification diarrhea honeysuckle, sweet, cold, lung, heart, stomach.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that the biological activity of chlorogenic acid contained in honeysuckle has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and immune regulation effects.

Drinking honeysuckle tea in summer can also quench thirst, improve eyesight, remove phlegm, diuretic, and protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Let you heat up in the heat of summer, detoxification and cough.

銆€銆€Lotus seed heart – clear heart to heat the summer heat in addition to trouble summer, the human body is full of fire, easy to restless, dizzy.

Science shows that the lotus heart can clear the heart to heat, stop bleeding and fine, and have a good health effect on the heart and thirst, and the redness and swelling of the eyes.

The heart of lotus seeds is bitter, and the alkaloids contained therein have the effect of eliminating heat and heat, promoting blood circulation and relaxing blood vessels.

What’s more important is that it has a detoxifying effect, can treat mouth sores, and help sleep, suitable for summer generation tea instead.