The weather is getting warmer, how do women care for the skin?


The weather is getting warmer, how do women care for the skin?

Avoid pollen spring, as the temperature rises, the activity of the organism is more active, the grass grows long, the season of recovery is also the most susceptible season for the skin, so first of all, avoid allergens, have a history of skin allergy mmPay special attention to this point, try to avoid pollen, dust and other skin irritation, then you have to do it, regularly add water to keep the skin moisturized.

Fruit and vegetable intake In the spring, the temperature rise also increases the secretion of sebaceous glands, which is easy to grow acne. At this time, it is necessary to increase the intake of vegetables and fruits, eat more warm fruits, eat less acidic foods, and reduce the intake of sugar and fat.Manage your mouth, avoid spicy food, and drink plenty of water.

Regular exfoliation general skin keratin formation cycle is about one month, skin care first to remove keratin, can increase skin metabolism, remove keratin and add skin beauty massage, hot compress, let the skin wrinkles line fade, better penetrate the wholeSkin condition is better for the elderly.

In the choice of exfoliating products, it depends on the person, scrub, scrub gel and horny cream are good choices, avoid using strong treatment, high activity, may stimulate the skin, the best choice is rich in naturalA mild, moisturizing skin care product.

Do not update the makeup brand, so as not to adapt to the skin. It is difficult to adapt to the sun. Although it is not strong in summer, it should be done in the spring. Choose some sunscreen products. Avoid replacing sunscreen with high sun protection factor.The cream is greasy and has poor air permeability.

In the spring, the cleaning of the skin is very important. When washing your face, you should use cold and warm water to alternate, which can remove the oily dirt on the face and promote the blood circulation of the skin, making the skin delicate and tender.

Do not use excessively strong cleansing and cleansing lotion, otherwise the skin will lose the protection of the lipid film and lack the resistance to the outside world. It will easily lead to skin allergies, insufficient skin moisture and wrinkles.